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Food And Vegetables To Lower High Creatinine Level

Food And Vegetables To Lower High Creatinine Level
Are you troubled by high creatinine level now? If so, you are lucky enough to read this article, I would like to share some easy way to help lower your high creatinine level by food and vegetables.
First of all I would like to share with you the side effects of high creatinine level.
For some cases, over-intake of creatinine supplements may lead to a great increase in its levels in our body. In this case, a person with high creatinine is at great risk to heart and kidney damage, dehydration, and in worst cases, death. Others include difficulty in urinating and heart palpitations. To avoid these adverse symptoms of high creatinine, lowering creatinine levels in the body is important.
Some food for you to lower your creatinine level
1. Food you’d better avoid if you are suffering the high creatinine level now:
A. Food containing creatinine
The most abundant dietary source of creatine is the meat from wild game. Commercially raised meat contains lower levels of creatine due to the inactivity of the animals. The meats highest in creatine include beef, cod, herring, pork, salmon and tuna. Trace amounts of creatine are also found in milk, cranberries and shrimp.
B. High creatinine food
High-arginine foods may increase the liver's production of creatine. Foods that contain high amounts of arginine include chocolate, almonds, cola, beer, grain cereals, chicken soup, gelatin, seeds and peas. Limiting arginine-rich foods can decrease the total amount of creatine in the body.
Some vegetables for you to lower your creatinine level
It is important to keep in mind that potassium levels increase when individuals experience problems with their kidneys. If you are advised to lower your intake of potassium then you should be aware of the foods that contain large amounts of it. This includes a range of fruits such as bananas and oranges as well as vegetables including carrots and lettuce.
All the info mentioned above is easy ways for you to lower your creatinine level by food and vegetables, hope they are of some help for you.

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