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Will A Cold Raise Creatinine Level of Renal Failure

have a  Cold Raise Creatinine Level of Renal Failure
Will a cold raise creatinine level for Renal Failure patients? Many patients are eager to know the answer to this question. Here we will analysis this issue. Firstly, we should make clear that why creatinine can raise.
Most of the kidney diseases belong to immune system diseases. When people's immunity is low, the human body is easy to be attacked by bacterium or virus. Our immune system will fight against these bacterium and virus, so immune complexes will be generated. Under normal cases, these immune complexes can be eliminated by our immune system, but now there is something wrong with the immune system, it becomes abnormal. These immune complexes will deposit in kidneys, then immune inflammation reaction happens. Of course, kidneys are unavoidable to get damaged.
Creatinine is a kind of waste and it should be removed out of body by kidneys. Now kidneys are damaged, the filtration function of kidneys will be influenced. At this time, creatinine can not be filtered completely, so it will deposit in blood, that is the reason why high creatinine appears. Especially when the illness condition develops into Renal Failure, it means that kidney are damaged more severely and much kidney function has been lost, high creatinine level is more common.
High creatinine level can cause some complications like nausea, vomiting, sleeping problems, heart and other organs problems and so on, if these complications appear, it means dialysis is necessary.
A cold can do raise creatinine levels. That is because the immunity of patients is low, and there is no doubt that a cold will aggravate the immune inflammation reaction of kidneys, the kidneys will be have a further damage. So a temporary increase in creatinine level will appear. Renal Failure patients should avoid cold or any other infections, for those infections can make the kidney function worse and worse. When the creatinine level increases to a certain degree, patients will have to undergo dialysis. In most countries, there are no other ways except for dialysis and kidney transplant. As a matter of fact, a way that can help patients avoid or get rid of dialysis has come into being.

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