Friday, April 26, 2013

Creatinine 4.3, Diabetes for 10 years, is dialysis inevitable

Q: Father with Diabetes for ten years, blood sugar 138, doctor mentioned that if s creatinine don’t came down then we might need to do dialysis…. Is dialysis inevitable? seeking for your suggestions?
A: Incidence of diabetes related kidney disease is the highest among those with diabetes for over ten years. If blood sugar is poorly controlled, the speed can be accelerated. Blood sugar must be brought down so as to slow down kidney aggravation process.
Your mentioned creatinine 4.3, but what about his general condition? Say, does he have accompanying diabetic complications or complications related to kidney failure? If he has the following conditions, dialysis may be needed:
1. Blood potassium>6.5
2. Severe overall complications, such as short breath, heart failure, swelling, suffocation, unconsciousness, metabolic acidosis, malnutrition, severe anemia and so on.
Here are explanations:
When diabetic kidney disease progress into advanced stages, many patients suffer from diabetic vascular complications and also complication caused by kidney failure. This makes the condition very complex or even life-threatening. Dialysis is just like an artificial filter; by removing accumulated toxins in the body, it can decrease life risks. In other cases, if the general physical condition is stable, patients don’t have to start dialysis immediately.
Meanwhile, we should attach more importance to blocking further kidney sclerosis and improving kidney function with a proper treatment, by which complications can be gradually under control and patients can get rid of life-threatening hardzards.

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