Sunday, March 17, 2013

Creatinine 2.9 : Stage of Renal Failure

Which stage patients are in when their serum creatinine is 2.9 mg/ dL? In the world, there is a classification about Chronic Kidney Disease, which is on the basis of glomerular filtration rate. In China, we have a classification about renal failure which is on the basis of serum creatinine.
We can use different ways or units to express the level of creatinine. The rate between them is 88.4. So creatinine 2.9 mg/ dL is creatinine 256 umol/L.
Generally, chronic kidney failure in China can be divided into 4 stages: compensation stage of renal insufficiency, discompensation stage of renal insufficiency, early stage of renal failure, advanced stage of renal failure, the basis of which is the level of serum creatinine. The detailed information is as follows:
In the compensation stage, serum creatinine is 133 to 177umol/L. In this stage, patients generally have no symptoms, or they can only feel weakness, soreness of the waist, and increased urine at night.
In the discompensation stage, serum creatinine is 186 to 442 umol/L. In this stage, patients feel poor appetite, slight anemia and slight acidosis.
In the early stage of renal failure, serum creatinine is 450 to 707 umol/L. In this stage, the above mentioned symptoms become more obvious.
In the advanced stage of renal failure, serum creatinine is more than 707 umol/L. In this stage, patients begin to have heart failure, high K, bleeding in digestive tract, barriers in nervous centralis, and so on, which even threatens patients’ life.
So from the above, we can get a conclusion that when creatinine 2.9 mg/ dL, patients has come into discompensation stage. The renal glomeruli which do more work to take place those damaged ones are tired as well. So it is dangerous and critical. In this stage, if we can not control well, real renal failure will take place.
In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, patients in this stage are suggested to have Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which has made more patients recover. And for more information, please consult us online or email us. We are glad to help.

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