Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Does Creatinine 3.6 Mean Dialysis

Does creatinine 3.6 mean dialysis? People who ask this question are mostly those who are diagnosed with kidney disease not long ago. They don’t know how kidney is damaged and only are told that creatinine is an index which indicates the damage of our kidney. They even doubt they need to take dialysis. Indeed, creatinine is a metabolism of muscles, which filters through kidney and the normal range is 0.5 to 1.2 mg/ dL. Creatinine 3.6 mg/ dL also equals creatinine creatinine 321umol/L. In other words, we can use different ways or units to express the level of creatinine. The rate between them is 88.4.
When will kidney disease patients take dialysis? Generally, in the world, most patients take dialysis when creatinine is as high as 445 umol/L. In China, kidney disease patients mostly take dialysis when creatinine rises as high as 707 umol/L. In addition, diabetic nephropathy take dialysis when creatinine is 300 umol/L, which is an exception.
So from the above, we can know whether creatinine 3.6 means dialysis. In fact, dialysis can not solve the kidney problem from root for once kidney disease takes place, there must be damage in the kidney. Dialysis can only help discharge the toxins such as creatinine, urea acid, urea nitrogen, etc. Only after the damaged cells are damaged, can kidney disease be treated from root.
So for creatinine 3.6 patients, only if they take effective measures to repair, can they be far away from dialysis. In  Kidney Disease Hospital, we have Micro-Chinese Meidicine Osmotherapy, which can solve this problem. It is applied through osmosis, which can relieve the blood and oxygen insufficiency and repair the damaged cells for it contains active Chinese herbs.
We can also say that creatinine 3.6 mean that kidney disease patients are in a critical stage or in the edge of dialysis. So please be aware and treat in time so as to avoid dialysis some day in the future.

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